A solar thermal water heating system can provide up to 70% of a household's annual hot water needs.
Images of the sun, solar panels and wind turbine

Can you keep your clients happy while turning their buildings green?

Carbon Mixer for Schools is a unique educational software that opens your students' eyes to the reality of renewable energy, through a simulated workplace experience with a range of demanding and difficult clients. Carbon Mixer has been developed by a multidisciplinary design team and is distributed by Explore Renewables - an innovative new project running across middle and secondary schools in the North East of England.

Explore Renewables aims to provide school children with a hands-on way of understanding renewable energy and its relevance in their everyday lives, as well as aiding learning in science, mathematics, design technology and geography.

Through Explore Renewables, middle and secondary schools in the North East can access specially-commissioned classroom equipment and interactive resources.